July 24, 2019 – JOLT – Contrarian muscle workout anyone?

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“Different things work for different people.” – Ronnie Coleman

The only reason to do things differently…

than how we’ve always done them is if we want different results.

If all is well, life is good, and all our dreams are coming to pass, then we don’t fix what isn’t broken.

But when there’s that long-held intention to reach a particular goal which has simply remained a long-held intention…then there’s a reason to explore doing things differently.

Too often we forget that, and focus on the outer circumstances and seeming blocks to getting what we want vs looking at our personal reality on the inside.

There’s the story of a wise woman whom folks would come from all over the world to seek her guidance.

One person made it to the top of the mountain and expressed his dismay at not achieving his desires, to which the wise woman responded: “What you must do is become very disciplined and focused, and make sure all of your efforts are efficiently utilized to reach your goal.”

Another person arrived shortly afterwards, also expressing dismay at not reaching his desires, to which the wise woman responded: “What you must do is relax, learn to go with the flow, trust that the process is coming about to take you exactly where you want to go.”

At the end of the day, the woman’s assistant questioned why these two individuals with the same issue were given such starkly opposite guidance, to which she responded: “The first individual generally lives life in a laissez-faire way and has not practiced the muscles of orderly intention. The second person generally over-analyzes and tries to guarantee things will work before he takes a step forward. Each must work another muscle to move beyond where they are.”

Question for today: what other muscle might you employ/wake up/reactivate/find to get where YOU want to go?

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Got a contrarian muscle workout?

“Wow, I really regret that workout.” – Nobody. Ever.

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