24-Hour Reinvention Center: Your Membership Questionnaire

“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”
-Satya Nadella

The quote above is from one of the world’s…

foremost corporate CEOs (Microsoft)…but it applies to everyone in any business right now. That means you…and the business of life.

At some point, there is a need to move on from kvetching about how painful current changes are and how things are not “the way it used to be” and to start looking forward. Let’s both understand and simply get over it: things will never be “the same.”

With many folks in both our CareerGuy and Back Forty communities, we are having conversations for looking forward, led by questions such as “Where’s the opportunity in all this?” or “If this is not happening to me but happening for me, how am I to learn/grow/expand/develop out of all this?”

Those are questions and conversations that can help right now.

And, not to be either Machiavellian or Pollyanna about the times we’re in but, throughout history, humanity steps up to the plate and meets the challenges of the environment with innovation, strategy, and new ways of thinking.

We re-invent ourselves, and we invent the future.

So, perhaps you can’t actually physically visit your gym today, but…

— and this question is not for the faint of courage nor contrary thinking muscle —

if, just IF, you brought the gym of a shelter-in-place, pandemic situation forth for yourself, why might you have done that?

What innovations, strategies or new ways of thinking could be born now…which would never have been birthed in steady-as-she-goes times?

If there ever was a time to ask and answer for yourself such powerful questions, this is it. And, the good thing is, with being fairly home alone these days, nobody will see you conversing with yourself anyway.

NOTE: We’ve been offering twice weekly conversations for our communities to help twist our minds toward these alternative ways of thinking. If you are in career transition or waylaid professionally by the current pandemic, or a business owner or organizational executive dealing with new issues due to COVID-19, or simply want to converse pro-actively, join us for powerful questions and (our best possible) answers.

Join Darrell W Gurney and Alexandra Levin for two half-hour, full participation zoom meeting each week as we all learn how to play work and life differently in these very interesting times.

Tuesdays and Fridays at 12noon PST:

These zoom conferences are offered simply as a service to make our particular skills, knowledge, understandings and aptitudes available to career professionals and business owners who may have questions we can answer or issues or challenges we might help resolve.

We’re not experts on everything, but we may know a thing or two about a thing or two that could help you.

(PSST: If you want to also join our other Back Forty community for a more finding-the-blessings-in-this meeting beforehand, register here:

Darrell W. Gurney, PCC, RScP
• Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
• 30-year career and business coach, seminar leader, author, speaker, and licensed spiritual counselor
• Founder of CareerGuy.com, TheBackForty.com and DreamJobLife.com
• Author of “Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters”, winner of the Clarion Award for Best Book; the Amazon Bestseller “Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest;” and the upcoming game-changer “The Back Forty: The Ride of Your Life. 7 Essential Embraces for Life’s Radical Second Half”
• Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Certified Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC), Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Licensed Spiritual Counselor (RScP)
More about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/careerguy

Alexandra I. Levin, PCC, MBA, SPHR
• Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
• 30-year professional Human Resources executive (SPHR Certified), organizational and leadership facilitator, training and development expert, and executive/business coach
• MBA and founder of ConsciousOrg
• Author of The Back Forty IMBUE Journal
• Co-Founder of The Back Forty INFUSE Program
More about her at https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandrailevin

Need some personal support in facing the adversity in career, business or personal life? Schedule a session here for support in turning this into the best gym visit of your life.

Got 24-hour reinvention center?

“I am still making order out of chaos by reinvention.”
-John Le Carre

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Darrell Gurney

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