May 20, 2020 – JOLT – You Are A Dancing Machine!

“I don’t know why it is, but I do like dancing in the extreme situations. I like that noise. I like that intensity. For some reason, it’s what I respond to in terms of my tastes and of my instincts.”
-Nicolas Cage

If there was ever a time to try some new moves…

this is it.

Growing up in the south, most of the men hung to the side of the room during the freestyle rock dancing…but they’d get up and going when a country two-step came on.

The message was that freestyle wasn’t “cool” but stiff and stoic was a safe space and mostly free of judgment.

Well, as you now go about dealing with what is next for you personally in your career, business, and post-pandemic (though not really yet) life, you might want to let yourself loosen up, shake new parts, and take different steps than you have in the past.

It’s truly time to let go of the idea that things will one day be “normal” again. And, just what if this whole chaos was just your supernatural way of getting you out of whatever rut you were in before and moving you on to some greater version of yourself?

You may not have thought you were in a rut…at least not on the conscious level. But what if something greater than your conscious level knew you were?

What would you do now?

Who would you be now?

What would you begin exploring now?

Hey, nice work giving yourself a kick in the seat of the pants! Looking back from August 31, 2020, tell me why you set this whole thing up and what you accomplished in that covert plan this summer.

If not me…at least tell yourself.

Got new dance moves?

“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.”
-Samuel Beckett

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