October 12, 2022 – JOLT – Answering the Call of Becoming

“It’s not so much knowing when to speak, when to pause.”

– Jack Benny

Been out of touch, but I was answering the call of Becoming

The Weird Intro

This may be the weirdest update I’ve put out in my over 10 years of pretty-much weekly JOLT Note newsletters. . .but who said weird is a bad thing? I’m learning it’s not.

I do know that reading time is at a premium for all of us, so this update will likely come in sequels. First installment below. . .and, if what I write is of interest and might support you, stay tuned. (Maybe I’m not alone in what I’ll share.)

New Management

You haven’t heard from me for a while because, frankly, after completing a 20-year project of bringing out my last book in the spring — though I carried on “as usual” for a few months until late May – an expiration of the old “me” and a not-yet-sorted-out emergence of a new “me” prevented the sending of the same ‘ol same ‘ol weekly email.

So, in late May, the “me” that was then running the show took a pause from this decade-long weekly newsletter. And, at this point, I’m honestly not sure what forms or consistency it will have going forward under the “new management” but I’m at least sending out a smoke signal that life still exists over here and I invite you to stay tuned.

The Necessary Pause

I’m not sure if this communicates as I’d like it to, but an individual (namely, me) can’t really offer consistent and congruent communications when the entity at the source (namely, me) is in flux. And, as you’ll read in the coming weeks, it’s been a fluxathon!

I’m reaching out to reconnect and share with you a bit about the evolvement of the new me that is turning his walk into his talk. So, I’ll be opening up with you more personally than I have in the past and going a more naked and vulnerable route.

And know this: if you choose to hang with me for the evolution and emergence of the new me coming on board here in this newsletter (and in my service and contributions as a whole), at least you’ll be clued in to what’s happening behind the scenes.

Earnestly: I appreciate you having been a reader for however long that’s been and if what the emerging “me” has to say contributes to you and your own career and life evolvement, that’s awesome and always my wish.

I’ll end here for today and continue next week with the deeper subject matter that I want to convey, “The Call of Becoming”. Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

Think differently, play better.


CareerGuy and Back Forty Freedom Flier

“For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

– Michelle Obama

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Darrell Gurney

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