The Back Forty IGNITE Program

​Put Your Past to Work for you...Not Against

​What if the first half of life was only R & D, research & development?

​What if you could mine that first half to IGNITE an awakening?

​What if it's really only the second half - and what you do with it - that really matters?

What if you have yet to do what you really came here to do?

Consider that the only start that matters is the one you do now, and that life was actually designed that way. Your midlife opportunity is to awaken and discover all that you've learned from your first half of R & D (research and development) and to capitalize on it to realize your own uniquely playful, passionate and purposeful second half.

The Back Forty idea is radical. It says that whatever has come before does not determine what comes next. It begins with a transformational requalification of the past and continues with a radical renewing of the mind into belief and action that ​has you play BIG!

Come discover your Big Game Back Forty Future. It's what you came for.

​Saturday, October 12, 9am - 5pm

​Hotel Maya, Long Beach

The Back Forty IGNITE Program

Based on the principles in the upcoming book, "The Back Forty: The Ride of Your Life. 7 ​Essential Embraces to Inspire Life’s Radical Second Half," this ALL NEW 1-day experiential program will set your course in a radical direction of play, passion, and purpose. The program includes:

  • ​1-day IGNITE ​Workshop
  • Course Binder & Materials
  • Pre & Post Course Support & Materials
  • Inspiring Community & Follow-up Opportunities

The Back Forty IGNITE Program brings to life the first of
7 ​Essential Embraces to Inspire a Radical Second Half
- Your Past.

  • Your P​ast
  • Your Present
  • Your Gifts
  • Your Values
  • Your Initiation
  • Your Purpose
  • A Presence

We all carry around our past, whether we think so or not. If we’re unaware or unempowered by that past, life is dictated by it and it puts a cap on what’s possible for us. However, If we’re aware and empowered by that past, we are leveled-up to a higher expression of SELF and begin playing at a whole new level.

The Back Forty IGNITE Program requalifies your past such that each and every aspect of it – even those parts you can’t imagine as anything but yucky – becomes an access point to discovering who you REALLY came to be and what you REALLY came to do in this lifetime.

The sooner you ​ embrace the past as "the best thing that could have ever happened to you​", the sooner your radical Back Forty begins!

Raving Fans of The Back Forty

“Through his spiritual daring, Gurney sheds light upon the vital subject of discovering one’s inner wholeness at any age and stage on life’s journey.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning and Founder of The Agape International Spiritual Center

"Darrell Gurney intimately shares his own midlife quest for purpose, stepping beyond fear and doubt to pave the way for each of us to have our second half of life be the best half.”

Cynthia Kersey, bestselling author of Unstoppable and Founder of The Unstoppable Foundation

"Those of us living in life's 'second half’ understand the importance of finding meaningful purpose in our lives. This...will help you do that. I highly recommend it with an enthusiastic two thumbs up!"

Paula Fellingham, Founder of The Women's Information Network

​A Past​-Altering Day of Discovery

In The Back Forty IGNITE Program  You'll discover a radical new context in which to hold your past which ​transforms any and all heavy weight ​into a divining rod pointing toward who you came to be and what you came to do in this lifetime. Your unique Back Forty future begins.

​​Testimonials from Previous Back Forty Programs

​​You may think, ​“Sure, I​ have some past I could deal with…but I don’t have the time now.”

Think again! You never know how the recontextualizing of even one, little, niggling element of your past could make for a truly miraculous holiday season ahead. You KNOW who you’ll be running into! Want to see them – and your Self – differently?? Then join us! Where else can you get a holiday season of such ​joy, ease and freedom for this price?

And consider this: Your past isn’t just limited to (or limiting of) your “personal” life…but your career, business, dreams, Self-expression, purpose, future, etc.

So, what would recontextualizing ALL of your past be worth to you?​

Join us! Make it a Fun, Self-care Day!

​Saturday, October 12, 9am - 5pm

​Hotel Maya, Long Beach