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The Back Forty IMBUE Journal

The Back Forty IMBUE Journal invites you on an inward journey to create and play a meaningful and vibrant game of Inspiring Massive Beauty Uniquely Expressed – by YOU and as YOU. Through loving, step-by-step guidance and insight-provoking questions, this wise companion provides a framework and support for accepting, embracing, and empowering your beautiful essence.

Value:  $15

Birth of the Back Forty eBook

Darrell W. Gurney shares his own experiences along the midlife road to fuller self-expression from a career coach and committed single father's point of view, hoeing how slings and arrows can be transformed into plowshares of creativity cultivation.

Value:  $3

Crisis or Opportunity eBook

This midlife-lemons-to-lemonade edition of the Career Planning & Adult Development eJournal is a “love of labor” experience as the participants herein have shared the unfoldment of their higher expressions of career even in the face of (or because of?) the challenges of midlife.
This journal is a compilation of stories offering hope and inspiration to demonstrate that the adversities of life in general, and midlife career in particular, are often the catalyst to the greater role we are here to play.

I invite you to be inspired, moved, healed, motivated, recognized, and appreciated for all of your own overcoming of adversity as you share the experiences of these seven authors. Each expresses powerfully and vulnerably their own unique version of the trials and tribulations we face as we follow from deep within—and often unwittingly—our own urge to emerge into our greater yet to be.

Value:  $10

A Back Forty Re-NEW-ALL Online Program

Perfect for career or other major transition, this program supports you to develop a transition strategy for coming out even stronger and expanded on the other side.

Whether it's a relationship shift, a career shift, a health shift, a financial shift, a family shift or any other kind of shift, one thing we know is, as life moves forward, shift happens.

Become adaptable and welcoming of change -- a shift master and transition expert -- so that you can continue to grow bolder and better, not older and fretter.

Through 5 Modules, 90 minutes of insightful content, and engaging, downloadable Homeplay exercises, you'll be able to take any slings and arrows life has dealt you and come out bolder and better...becoming who you came in this lifetime to be to do what you came in this lifetime to do.

Value:  $27

30-Minute Back Forty Big Game Future Session

This deep-dive, 90-minute session is all about the Big Game you're now ready to play in your second half/best half of life. The Back Forty philosophy says that your first half was all simply R & D, research and development, to direct you to what you came here to do and be. Your playful, passionate and purposeful Back Forty begins when you take on the radical notion that it was all perfectly designed to have you be right where you are now, with the conditions exactly as they are, so as to fulfill on the unique purpose you came for. This is your time to go BIG!

Value:  $200