The Back Forty INFUSE

Imagine there is way more in you to be expressed and fulfilled.

Imagine and believe that you can restart...or, better yet, really start for the first time!

Consider that the only start that matters is the one you do now, and that life was actually designed that way. Your midlife opportunity is awakening to discover all that you've learned from a first half of R & D (research and development) and capitalizing on it to realize your own uniquely playful, passionate and purposeful second half.

You have yet to do what you came here to do. No matter what has come before -- be it perceived major successes or miserable failures -- as Frank Sinatra sings "The best is yet to come, and babe won't it be fine".

The Back Forty idea is radical. It says that whatever has come before does not determine what comes next. It's about a radical renewing of the mind into belief and action that have you play big. Come discover your Big Game Back Forty Future. It's what you came for.

PRICE - $997


As you consider the benefits of attending, know that we are in this conversation for the long term and are interested in attracting others who share this possibility. Regardless of our personal time and commitment to you throughout this weekend, if you attend the entire program and complete all coursework and can say at the end before you leave that you didn’t get any value, not one nugget of wisdom or nudge to move you forward, we will refund the investment that you made in yourself and your future.

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