What would your second half of life look like if you had no limits?

What chances would you be willing to take if you could tap into the full power

of who you came here to be and what you came here to do?

Join us for an opportunity to discover and experience the possibilities of a playful, passionate and purposeful second half.

We're Busting the Myths of Midlife!

In this FREE three-hour preview, we’ll bust many myths of midlife including:

  • The first half of life is when we’re supposed to “make it” to set us up for retirement
  • We have a past which obviously limits our future, who we can truly be and what we can truly accomplish
  • By middle age, for the most part, the thermostat has already been set as to what is possible for us in terms of relationship, career, health & fitness, finances, and purposeful fulfillment

The Back Forty INFUSE Program is a transformational and experiential 3-day workshop that provides you the opportunity to tap into your future without the baggage of the past. You come out able and willing to take risks again to fulfill on what you’ve always known was possible for you.

Come get a taste of a radical, playful, passionate and purposeful Back Forty!

Comments from previous Roundup attendees:

“A Big Thank YOU to Darrell and Alexandra for an amazing workshop experience. You provided such a safe and fun environment in exploring my attitude and beliefs about creating new possibilities in my life. The exercises were enlightening and engaging and produced new insights in what my current challenges are, and how these challenges have been a product of my past experience going all the way back into my early childhood. Moreover, how I have limited myself from fully living my life's purpose. Today I am working on creating new opportunities for myself, and living in the now, and embracing myself in a bigger way. I am grateful to you both!”

— Michelle on Jun 24, 2017

“The Back Forty is a growing and developing a group of professionals looking to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them. In a group setting and fairly quickly, we discussed how we all got to where we are in life and what and where we want to go and do and be in the future. We learned how our best stories or the brightest chapters may still be in front of us. That if we desire something to be better, and then go out and work towards that goal, we are most likely better equipped to achieve this goal then we were in our twenties. I left with more energy than when I arrived and a positive outlook for the weekend, the week ahead and my future work journey. THANK YOU, Darrell and Alexandra, for putting this wonderful event together and inviting me to participate. Best thing I have done on a weekend during the off-season in a long, long time. Looking forward to next time...do take care and ENJOY your day!!”

— John 'jb' Brown III on Jun 12, 2017

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