The Mission ofThe Back Forty

Our Mission:

To empower midlifers to create their second half of life as their best half. Through live programs, retreats, online courses and publications, this community supports midlifers at any age to do what we came here to do -- in life, in difference making, in world impact.

Our Vision

We Envision a World Where:

  • The idea of "midlife opportunity" flourishes and "midlife crisis" is obsolete.
  • Midlife is seen as a doorway to our greatest achievements and expression of purpose.
  • Individuals are inspired to think in innovative, creative, and radical ways, independent from their past, to create unprecedented results.
  • Life becomes an ever-expansive process of fulfillment.

The Back Forty Infuse Program

Based on principles in the upcoming book, The Back Forty: The Ride of Your Life. 7 Critical Embraces to Inspire a Radical Second Half of Play, Passion & Purpose, this 3-day inspiring and experiential program sets a course for a playful, passionate, & purposeful second half of life.

Participants are first introduced to a unique and freeing perspective on their life thus far: as a process of R & D, research and development. Inside this model, there are no mistakes or wrong moves committed but only experiments and learning. Every single event and person can be seen as part of a perfect design directing us to what we came here to do…igniting our Formula of Unique Self Expression (FUSE).

Non-traditional inventories of gifts, talents, and values allow participants to discover who they are now vs. who they used to be and a refreshing context of “initiation” is offered to replace the old notion of midlife crisis. “Midlife opportunity” becomes the new mantra as individuals begin to explore – without baggage or limits from the past – the big game they are here to fulfill.

Participants leave with a clear and empowered mindset that they have yet to do what they came here to do, and are supported and championed by a community of individuals each with their own radical and purposeful Back Forty ahead of them.