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The Back Forty

Marketing to Your Demographic Made Easy!

As The Back Forty evangelizes an inspiring message of vibrant play, passion and purpose for a radical second half of life, we are eager to play and grow with others aligned with these aims.

Individuals called to participate in The Back Forty books, programs and community have grand ideas for the future, specific needs and concerns to be addressed, and the means to engage in exploration and possibilities.

Shall we play together?

Why Sponsor The Back Forty?

Connect with Your Market!

The Back Forty is focused on turning your second half of life into your best half of life. Because of this, our main audience falls between the ages of 45 and 65 with outliers between the ages of 38 and 80.

Over 67% of our main audience and 56% of our total audience is part of the Baby Boomer generation. With a market of over 76 million Baby Boomers, that's a big deal!

This is relevant because Baby Boomers are one of the most overlooked generations when it comes to marketing, however they currently control about 70% of the disposable income in the US and over the next 20 years their spending is expected to increase by 58% (that’s $4.74 trillion annually).

The other notable aspect of our audience is their gender. We often say that our courses are for empowered women and enlightened men. Because of this, our audience is usually about 75% female and 25% male.

Women over the age of 50 control over 75% of the wealth in the US. They also account for 85% of all consumer purchases and an average of 75% of women feel misunderstood by marketers.

Stand Out!

Don’t get lost in the crowd at a traditional expo. The Back Forty's intimate, community-driven events deliver the key customers your marketing team wants to meet.

The Back Forty is currently scheduled to host an average of 27 live events each year, 17 of which are open to family and friends of members. The Back Forty also hosts over 100 virtual live stream events and teleconferences and produces over 130 blog posts and over 50 email newsletters each year.

Because of The Back Forty's intimate, community focused events, your company is guaranteed to stand out all year long.

Sponsoring The Back Forty can also:

  • increase loyalty to your brand
  • attract new customers for your company
  • give you the opportunity to test new products & services with our specific demographic
  • help your company identify with the Baby Boomer generation and specifically women within the generation
  • give you the chance to enhance your commitment to the Baby Boomer demographic

Why Partner with The Back Forty?

Grow Your Subscriber Base

The Back Forty, along with their partner organization, CareerGuy, are connected with approximately 50,000 subscribers and followers over five different social media outlets.

Depending on the level of your partnership, you will have access to The Back Forty's subscriber bases below:

  • Weekly Live Broadcast Events using YouTube Live
  • Weekly eNewsletters
  • Daily Twitter and Facebook Updates
  • 2-3 Weekly Blog Posts

A hyperlinked version of your logo can be included on The Back Forty website, be mentioned at all live INFUSE programs, as well as be given cross-blogging, referring, and promotion opportunities.

Identify with the Baby Boomer Lifestyle

The Back Forty targets people in midlife. 56% of our extended market consists of Baby Boomers and another 32% are part of Generation X.

Our ideal target audience is middle to upper-middle class between the ages of 45 and 64 who live in suburban households without kids. They tend to be in management and professional careers, or already retired. They enjoy the latest technology, aerobic exercise, travel, health food, outdoor sports, going to local museums and theaters, and shopping at mid-scale department stores.

By partnering with the Back Forty you can show how you can identify with our target market which, in-turn, can increase loyalty to your brand.