A Back Forty Re-NEW-ALL

Life is chocked full of transitions...both the ones we consciously choose as well as those that hit us like a bag of bricks.

Learning a life transition strategy before the inevitable occurs--or at least now, if it already has--can ensure that everything coming at you gets transformed from lemons into GOLD (forget the lemonade).

Whether it's a relationship shift, a career shift, a health shift, a financial shift, a family shift or any other kind of shift, one thing we know is, as life moves forward, shift happens.

Become adaptable and welcoming of change -- a shift master and transition expert -- so that you can continue to grow bolder and better, not older and fretter.

In the Back Forty Re-NEW-ALL Online Program You'll Discover:

  • An understanding of The Trough of Transition and how traveling its natural course can be most efficient and empowering
  • Your underutilized muscle of Blessings that can point the way to happy from any hell you may be in
  • How your ability to be curious again provides the juice of growth out of any situation or circumstance
  • Why playing again, risking again, and learning again are your key to fulfilling who you came to be and what you came to do

Develop an attitude of openness to NEW to move you up and out of any old (patterns, habits, relationships, issues, or challenges) you may be experiencing.

A change-based mindset and strategy allows for you to play Big Games again, or for the first time.

Through 5 Modules, 90 minutes of insightful content, and engaging, downloadable Homeplay exercises, you'll be able to take any slings and arrows life has dealt you and come out bolder and better...becoming who you came in this lifetime to be to do what you came in this lifetime to do.

Raving Fans of the Re-NEW-ALL Course:

“Anyone going through life changes could benefit from this course. Engaging, personal, and practical, Darrell Gurney gives thoughtful, meaningful, deep processes to assist anyone going through any life transition.”

Elizabeth Estrada, Founder, Uplift the World

“I just finished the Re-NEW-ALL program and loved it. It is so clear that this course is the result of tremendous personal examination and deeply held wisdom. I am so appreciative I have had the ability to engage in it and improve my life as a result.”

Mark Jaffe, Author, Suitcase of Happyness

“The Re-NEW-ALL program's videos and accompanying home-play provide easy to digest ideas, tactics and strategies that make any transition easier and shorter. Whether you're dealing with the loss of a job or a business downturn, the loss of a loved one, or simply wondering what your next move is, the Re-NEW-ALL program is a simple way to get to the other side and get moving again.”

Trish Carr, Founder, Women's Prosperity Network