OD Dilemmas (Part 1)


Let’s say you are an enlightened leader and I just proclaimed my undying commitment to Organizational Development and Conscious Organizations.

(Who knows, it could happen.)  

Now what?

As I dive into the OD world, question upon question arises.  I resolve one, and two more show up.

Here is today’s sample of OD dilemmas you might be dealing with:  

  • How do we engage with people and create an environment where they love to come to work and have a support system that empowers and enables them to play big, step out of their comfort zone, take risks, and be their best?
  • How do we support new leaders in the organization to adjust to the company culture, environment, and philosophy?  How do we coach and develop them to make the needed changes and be successful with existing staff?  
  • How do we create an environment where coaching, training, and development are viewed as a contribution and commitment to each team member’s future, rather than as corrective or punitive action?
  • How do we as leaders create and define company culture such that everyone knows they have a voice and an opportunity to thrive?
  • How do we create a work culture that translates into a better family and personal life, resulting in employees being more empowered to create a conscious, high- performing organization?  

If you are looking for “THE ANSWER” to these questions, it does not exist.

Yes, that’s right – lots of questions and no ready solution.  The appropriate answers will be somewhat different for every organization.  

If you are looking for an answer, you’re out of luck.

But if you approach the very process of inquiry with a sense of curiosity and wonder, it may provide the needed awareness upon which your individual organization’s answers can be built.  

Here are some insights from Carrington Mortgage Holdings – an organization expressly committed to creating a culture of growth and learning.  

According to Claudia E. Mino, VP of Organizational Development, several things make a big difference:  

  • Carrington Mortgage Holdings is made up of 17 different companies.  Through coaching and development programs, participants build a network of relationships across business units and levels.  They create a support system of classmates and cohorts in different areas of the organization which they can count on and are as easily accessible as picking up the phone.
  • Program participants are coached by cross-functional EVPs, SVPs, or Presidents, and get to know and build relationships with leaders from other business units.  This allows for the transfer of wisdom across business units and develops a culture of mentorship and camaraderie.  
  • The organizational development team is committed to taking the time to support their program participants whenever needed.  “They trust us and feel safe to reach out for support.  Be it conflict, team dynamics, or organizational changes, we partner with them and provide a strong support system” says Claudia.
  • Organizational Development programs get full support and collaboration of the executive and HR leadership.  All coaches are SVPs, EVPs, C-level, and the organization is committed to having high-level leadership invest their time in coaching and developing talent.

At the end of the day, Claudia says, “For us, it doesn’t matter where you are as a leader.  It is our job to help you be successful, and we will do whatever it takes to help you do that.”  

Your turn.  If you begin your inquiry into the development of a conscious organization where you are – inside of the spirit of curiosity and wonder – what do you see?


Alexandra Levin

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