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October 23, 2019 – JOLT – If quality is what you seek, then pick one

“Nothing endures but personal qualities.” – Walt Whitman

We all like the feeling…

of having had a quality day.

The question is how do we ensure it from the get-go?

Easy! Pick one.

Today, pick a quality that you’d like to experience more of in your life, or one which you already know you most enjoy experiencing.

Seriously — take 10 seconds right now to Google “human qualities list” and you’ll find a ton of simple personality and character traits to choose from.

Practice BEing that quality today.

If and when you forget, or notice yourself not BEing that quality, simply BE it again. (Sure, you can bring another one or two into the mix to help with that, like Forgiveness or Compassion.)

Then, at the end of the day, assess how that quality day left you feeling. If you want more of the same, pick it again tomorrow. Otherwise, pick from the smorgasbord of choices for your next quality day.

Quality day after quality day leads to quality life. Is that worth your 10 seconds right now?

If I can help bring additional quality to your career or life, schedule a private session here.

Got quality?

“You attract people by the qualities you display. You keep them by the qualities you possess.” – Unknown

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October 16, 2019 – JOLT – Antithetical learning: for the unknown of YOU

“One sure-fire way to stay creative: force yourself to learn something new.” – Harvey Mackay

Too often, in the throes of busy and business life,

the only time we learn something new is when we’re forced to: some job shift, some turn of events in life, some emergency requiring new knowledge and skills.

Maybe a new system is being implemented company wide, and we have no choice but to give up our attachment to the old and learn this new technology.

Maybe a shift in health or relationship has us gaining knowledge in areas we hadn’t given much attention to before.

Maybe a sudden and unexpected occurrence or tragedy puts us in a whole new world of learning…sometimes from the ground up.

If you look, other than the 12, to 16, or even 20 years of traditional or higher-level schooling some of us had, much of our personal, ongoing learning is relegated to reading or audio books, and maybe a seminar here or there. Good for casually growing our world of ideas, but not always monumentally life-altering or transformative.

Why? Because monumental new learning involves exiting comfort zones of what we “know” and who we “know” ourselves to be…which is a rub.

However, we’ve all heard that anything worth really playing or living for always resides outside our comfort zones.

What if, just for the heck (or healing) of it, we each challenged ourselves to engage in something completely new simply for the sake of discovering other aspects of ourselves we didn’t know existed?

Such as…
-a caucasian guy committing to the several years of salsa dance instruction necessary to get that rhythm into his system so it comes out naturally.
-a creative artist signing up for an app building program, to engage the the technical and engineering aspects of the mind.
-an engineering or scientific professional enrolling in an improv class, to initiate nascent abilities of irrational and quick creativity.

Of course, you can say “That’s silly! These folks aren’t built for these areas of learning.”

That’s the point. How can we ever know what we’re capable of, much less keep our doors of learning truly open, unless we invite in alternative and stretching realms?

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to pick an area of antithetical expansion and learning that you’ll begin to cultivate…for no reason other than to experience yourself differently, and to grow.

Perhaps a heads up on a stretch to bring into the coming new year?

I’m taking on a new area of antithetical growth myself, and would appreciate your support and input. Stay tuned for more details next week.

In the meantime, schedule a private session here for support in your career change, individual learning and Big Game growth.

Got antithetical learning?

“Knowledge is when you learn something new every day. Wisdom is when you let something go every day.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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October 9, 2019 – JOLT – Decisions, decisions, decisions… and then, redecision!


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

We all know what it’s like…

to make decisions.

Every day, in every way, big and small, lasting or fleeting, easy or grueling…we crank them out both consciously and unconsciously.

There’s a ton of wisdom thrown around about decision-making, such as…

“Not making a decision is actually a decision. It’s the decision to stay the same.”

“Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.”

“The hard part is implementing the decision, not making it.”

However, one thing we don’t often think about is the decisions we’ve made that we’re not thinking about.


Look, we’ve all made lots of decisions that have long gone under the radar of our lives. Some decisions were made during the course of our life experiences, and some from a very early age before we even had a fully formed brain.

“I’m no good at [x].”
“Things always go this way for me.”
“Work is always [descriptive].”
“Men are like this…”
“Women are like this…”
“I’m never good enough.”

The problem with so many decisions going underground, into the subconscious, is that we live our lives as if we’re here today, present in the moment, and yet what’s really running the show is a bunch of age-old decisions we once made at unique, past times in our life.

The decisions we made then got us through those unique times, but may not be the best approach to live the life we want to live NOW.

So, a conscious inventory of our old, hidden decisions can often be the way to free ourselves up in the NOW for opportunities and growth we won’t experience if those old decisions remain hidden.

Tricky business, to get the mind to look at itself and uncover hidden decisions. But, it can be done, and one way is to simply begin writing out the main areas of your life that are important to you and ask…

“When did I decide it was this way in [x] area? What happened to have me decide that? Is that a decision that empowers my life NOW, or might I experience new possibilities by letting it go and making a new decision?”

Not a pastime for lightweights, for sure, but who ever built a great life NOW without doing a bit of heavy lifting?

Want a fun environment in which to made some new decisions? If you’re near LA, join us for our 1-Day Back Forty IGNITE Program this Saturday, October 12, in Long Beach. In a beautiful hotel location, overlooking the harbor and Queen Mary, you’ll walk away with empowering redecisions on some of your biggest past limitations. See details for the program here or schedule a private session here.

Got redecision?

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins

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