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March 4, 2020 – JOLT – March Fourth…with mind over matter

“Your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.” – Anonymous

The pull, as we go through life,…

is to break it down into duality: fact or fiction, real or imagined, matter or mind.

For sure, the ingrained way to go is with the former.

A lot of folks poo poo the idea of impacting circumstances, conditions, what you attract, present-day “reality” and even the past with the mind. For them, what is, is. If I see it, I’ll believe it.

However, more and more pragmatic scientists and engineers, much less those in the healing or spiritual professions, are proving that there’s something outside of the hard-and-fast “facts” going on. They’re demonstrating that, if I believe it, I’ll see it.

And, over the years, there have been a lot of spokes developed under different names and processes which all lead to the hub of that wheel called co-created reality.

Without espousing any particular spoke, I do encourage the dabbling in and with these various paths to the same end: having a guided, joint, or collaborative say in the way life is going to go.

When the fear of a sudden career shift, an unexpected business challenge, or an unwelcome virus shows up on your doorstep…sure, deal with the “real,” but also take some time to create in the realm of the mind/imagination.

Where would you like things to go? What would it feel like when things go that way? Just how long can you allow yourself to feel that way right now?

Setting yourself up with a consciously designed inner game can only help your outer game. What better to march forth with?

Got a career change, business or personal game to design internally before externally? Schedule a session here for not only the practical steps but the “inside job” support.

Got mind over matter?

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

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February 26, 2020 – JOLT – The persistence paradox worth pondering

“Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

The truth is…

that we just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

The stories are plentiful: of Oscar winners who had to borrow money to rent a tux for the gala; world famous authors who were rejected by publisher after publisher; and even luminaries who went through 1000 light bulb attempts before shining their light.

Seriously. The number of stories will amaze you…and with folks you never knew faced such challenges. Simply Google “stories of persistence paying off” and you won’t leave your screen uninspired.

The problem is, we often don’t connect the dots of those stories with our own story.

It’s just too darn compelling to throw in the towel, accept the loss, figure it wasn’t meant to be, or in any other way rationalize taking your foot off the gas.

Sure, there are no hard and fast rules in life, and you can bet there are times when you’d be better served to stop beating a seemingly dead horse.

But, given that the pull of that path is so comparatively strong and compelling, where do you draw your personal line of fight, fight, and fight before flight?

It’s a good inquiry to have with yourself, because we all have changes we want to make, dreams we want to see fulfilled, and ambitions we want to satisfy.

Remember though: it’s an inquiry to have with yourself…because the peanut gallery of everyone NOT involved in your changes, dreams and ambitions aren’t always the best opinions to seek.

Unless they are.

Some paradoxes are worth pondering.

Got a change, dream or ambition requiring persistence? Want some non-peanut-gallery input? Schedule a session here. Perhaps there’s only one more step into your blind spot needed for success.

Got persistence paradox?

“Only infinite patience produces immediate results.” – A Course in Miracles

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March 11, 2020 – JOLT – Amped awareness helps win the game

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” – Eckhart Tolle

Unexpected change is simply not cool…

and, yet, it is the way life happens.

We shoot for having control and orderliness in our lives because it feels, well, controlled and orderly.

And that’s a fun game to play…as long as we realize that we are, in fact, playing a game while dealing with an inherently entropic Universe that has it’s own rules.

For example, your plans have likely been shifted in these past days or weeks by something coming out of the blue which you had no control over: an unexpected business challenge, an unforeseen family issue, an insistent need to wash your hands more than usual, etc.

The fact is that change happens and problems are. Whether we like it or not, change will continue and problems will arise.

Now, I won’t go so far as to propose that you actually, then, start to like them (unless you want to play at an elite level).

But, I will propose that you at least begin to play a game with change and problems…because they’re definitely playing a game with you.

So, to meet them on the playing field, look to see how can you approach them in a way that has you not be defeated and bruised but, rather, evolved as a better player.

One way to win every time is: “How can I grow in greater awareness because of this?

If you’re now having to wash your hands more than usual or to consider how much you touch your face and eyes because you’re “aware” of a need to be conscious, for health reasons, perhaps you can translate that into a similar conscious awareness of…
–how many times I spoke or thought negatively of myself today
–how often did I bite my nails, drive aggressively, or in any other way continue a habit I want to break
–how much time am I putting into my non-business-related self-care each day
…and so many other things it would pay to grow in awareness around.

If the Universe throws you only pitches that can improve your game, how might that awareness change the way you look at seeming curve balls?

Got what seems like a curve ball happening around career, business or personal life? Schedule a session here for support in using it as an opportunity to up your awareness and amp your game.

Got amped awareness?

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” – Abraham Maslow

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