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February 1, 2023 – JOLT – You’re at 8.33333333

“There’s always a new challenge to keep you motivated.”

Sean Connery


The Power of a Weird Number

In last month’s Wednesday JOLT Note in early January, I mentioned this:
The Slate Board Has Clapped!
That thing they slap before beginning a scene in Hollywood is called the “clapperboard” or “slate board” and, guess what? Your 2023 movie has begun!
The question is, are you hanging out in your talent trailer still feverishly learning your lines, getting your character profile in place and readying yourself for camera. . .
Or are you ACTING?
It’s showtime folks. Let’s get off script and play this one!

Ever notice how the movies with numbers grab your attention, such as “9½ Weeks”, “21 Grams”, or “88 Minutes”?

The working title of your 2023 production is currently “8.3333333333333333333333%” because that is how much of this annual intention is now under your belt.

Production Issues

Anytime a production gets off the plan and into motion, the plan is going to change. That’s just life. . .and Hollywood.

When you set out with your 2023 intentions 31 days ago, did you foresee the production issues you’d face? Maybe, but probably some unforeseen challenges cropped up in the middle of your sets, rehearsals and shoots.

We all know the standard statistic you’ll hear at this time of year: that 80% of people ditch their New Year’s resolutions by February.

Look, what you want to produce will require lots of overcoming along the way.

Here’s some tips to turn to when your production process has stalled:

1. Get real authentic with a solution-focused (vs victim) mindset
2. Reach out for help, input, advice, encouragement – you gotta ask!
3. Wrap yourself inside of structures of support and accountability
4. If things remain stalled, return to item 2 above

The show must go on! One February day at a time, let’s get ourselves to 16.66666666666!

My wife gave me a little medallion when we got together with the Yiddish word “Bashert” on it, which means “meant to be.”

YOU are Meant to BE in 2023! Bashert!

Think differently, play better.


CareerGuy and Back Forty Freedom Flier

“One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: rise above the little things.”

John Burroughs

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