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March 20, 2024 – JOLT – One Daily Habit for an Ocean of Possibilities

How will you touch the ocean?

Recently, I was “sharing” (spiritual euphemism for complaining) with a friend that I have so many plates spinning and projects projecting that I don’t get up from my desk much of the day.

I continued to share how unfortunate that is because the expansive beach can be seen right from my office window in all of its sandy blue glory.

Hey, it’s great to have many things, big and small, to put my attention on, yet this whole “quality of life” bird is always chirping on my shoulder that it wants to be fed.


All the difference making in the world vs. Basic enjoyment of daily life


All the money in the world vs. Happy, joyous and free creativity


Getting shit done vs. Having fun!


I know it’s not a personal dilemma. And yet these are questions only I can answer very personally from my own unique speck of identifiable sand along the beachfront of humanity.

My friend suggested, “Why don’t you simply make a habit of touching the ocean every day?”

Can you identify with that as one of those quick quips of seeming little importance that we throw out to each other as humans? At first I did, and laughed it off.

But then I rethought: “Hey, without any extensive navel pondering or deep existential or ontological surgery on myself, what if I simply did that??”

The simple act of doing that on a daily basis would likely begin to shift the entire underlying values system I’m currently under the administration of!

I’ve heard that we can’t THINK ourselves into right ACTING, but we can ACT ourselves into right THINKING.

So, guess what I’m up to these days. . .for at least the 10 minutes it takes to cross the street, walk down the steps and stroll 40 yards of sand to the water?

What’s your version of touching the ocean?

Your AI (Aspiration Intelligence) enhanced mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find your own way to touch the ocean of your happy, joyous and free existence on a daily basis.

Think differently, play better.



CareerGuy and Back Forty Freedom Flier

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