April 18, 2018 – JOLT – Is it time to revive your “act now”?

“Maybe it won’t work. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”- Unknown

Today’s the day…

is a phrase we’ve all heard forever…so much so that’s it’s lost its oomph.

We’ve also lost the impact from the admonition to “Live each day as if it was your last.”

Today’s JOLT note is just to remind you that those phrases, in their original iterations, actually caught one’s attention…and maybe even yours the first time you heard them.

Maybe it’s time to actually hear them again?

What’s the project you’ve been putting off? What’s the undelivered communication you’ve been holding onto? What’s the item on your list that keeps getting pushed down because there’s not enough time?

Don’t let those phrases bring you down, imagining the worst. But, rather, let them remind you to take an action today that wasn’t going to happen anyway, imagining the best.

“Act now” is way more than a mind-numbing infomercial bonus tactic. It’s a way of life to aspire to.

Today’s the day! Live it as if it was your last!

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Got act now?

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – Unknown

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Darrell Gurney

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