August 15, 2018 – JOLT – Opening up for a necessary lockdown?

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.” – Bob Proctor

The self- made man/ woman myth…

often keeps us playing solo in the world of dreams and aspirations.

First, we’re reticent to cast our “pearls before swine,” guarding our ideas to protect them from wayward, instantly debilitating potshots coming from the peanut gallery.

Then, if we’ve actually developed a dream to the point of potential flight test, we want to keep a low-profile in case it crashes and burns.

So, we’re left trying to both birth and graduate a baby on our own time, in our own private skunk works and only when we get around to it.

That might work for some unique creations, but for the majority of mankind, playing solo often means no go.

Sure, you might schedule time daily/weekly/monthly to move your idea forward…but on more occasions than not, that schedule will be forgotten when life takes over.

However, it’s much harder to say you didn’t take the action, move the ball forward, or engage in the necessary steps when you told another person that you would…especially if they really care for you and your dream and keep tabs on you.

I’m currently engaged in a process to move my next book forward, a process I’ve handled on my own before, but I’ve locked myself into an “action buddy” commitment to make sure I actually get it done…because all the reasons in the world come up when we get close to a finish line.

What’s important enough for you to achieve that you’re willing to put your butt on the line of accountability?

Who will you tell? When? And how much room will you give them to hold your feet to the fire?

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Got lockdowns?

“When your teammate looks you in the eye and holds you accountable, that’s the greatest kind of leadership there is.” – Doug Collins

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