July 25, 2018 – JOLT – Rethinking your big rocks?

“Instead of ‘How do I fit everything in?’ ask yourself ‘What’s most important to fit in?’” – Christine Kok & Asha Dornfest

Many of us have heard…

the story of the philosophy professor teaching his students about time management and life balance by using rocks, pebbles and sand in a jar.

He sequentially filled the jar to the top with large rocks, then small pebbles (to fit between the large rocks), then sand (to fit between the pebbles), after each time asking his students if the jar was full. They consistently claimed it was full…but were proven wrong each time.

He was making a point that we must put the most important things into our life first. By the time we get to the smaller and less significant items (pebbles and sand), whether they fit or not won’t matter as much. However, had we put them in first, we’d miss out on what’s essential.

As much as we’ve heard the story, the problem comes in our continued calibration of exactly what those big rocks are.

How strong is the pull to simply get into the to do’s of the day vs take that walk?

How much easier is it to rush straight to that early morning meeting vs 15 minutes of meditation?

How natural is it to be a bit too quick or short with someone you love vs slow down to listen again?

Yet, when the stress and wacked health of body and/or relationship initiates a wake-up call, all of a sudden certain big rocks come into clear focus.

Many have heard the professor’s story, but haven’t personally evaluated exactly what those big rocks are.

What are they for you, and when will you fit them in the jar today and tomorrow?

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Got big rock rethink?

“If you’re too busy to laugh, you’re too busy.”- Proverb

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