November 29, 2017 – TGIW JOLT Note

“Don’t lose sight of the spirit of the season. Be grateful for everything you already have.” –Unknown

As we continue the 40 Days of Thanksgiving between last Thursday’s festivities and the beginning of the New Year, we enter our annual period of most hope.

Spirits are generally just brighter during these last weeks of the year, as it’s the time humanity gets most in touch with its connectedness.

We also use the calendar’s turning as a ritual to move past what has now become the past (the last 11 months) and begin hoping and planning for new possibilities.

To continue the 40-Day giving streak I’ve set in place, this week I’d like to offer you a wonderful process to support your wrapping up of 2017 in a powerful way.

I give it to you now because it’s something you’ll want to engage in right away, before beginning to set new goals for the coming year.

You’ll love it (or hate it, if this is challenging for you), as it’s all about Self Acknowledgment and Appreciation.

As you walk through the powerful exercise, you’ll get to recognize the many Milestones & Memorable Moments revealing what there is to be thankful for and appreciate about your particular version of 2017.

Reminder: As a thank you for subscribing to this ongoing weekly inspiration (4 years, as of this month), I’ll be offering free gifts each week between now and the New Year: 40 Days of Thanksgiving.

So, please watch for “the serving of the week” each Wednesday, and may our last 40 days of 2017 be cleansing, uplifting, renewing and respirational for what lies ahead.

Today’s Serving (please pass it around the table to those it can help):

Milestones & Memorable Moments

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Got hope?

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.” –Mary Anne Radmacher

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