November 8, 2017 – TGIW JOLT Note

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.” –Jane Weideman

There’s a time to cook, and there’s a time to serve.

A dish simmering forever, or until it’s “perfected,” eventually loses flavor.

Lots of good ideas and plans begin to develop in the mind but, for fear of the unknown/next step/impossibility of the prospect, they unnoticeably miscarry.

Others get almost barred from delivery until they are somehow already proven healthy enough to live a long life. A Gollum-esque “my precious” smothering cuts off their oxygen.

There’s a time for gestation, and a time to birth. And, from what I hear, the birthing is a singular lifetime experience.

What grand idea or splendid plan can you run out of the womb today?

Tell it to “Get a life!” because it can’t just sit around and eat up your consciousness forever.

I’m making The Back Forty Re-NEW-ALL Program below FREE for those who have been affected by any recent storm, firestorm or personal tragedy. It’s all about taking a pro-active stance, in the face of devastation, to point ourselves toward our next and best life to come. Please forward this to those it can support, and have them simply reply email me with their situation.

Got gestation’s end?

“Whenever and wherever [and to whatever] you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.” –Ina May Gaskin

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