October 11, 2017 – TGIW JOLT Note

“This too shall pass.” –Unknown

Though the short phrase above cannot be traced specifically to one source (e.g., Sufi fable, Jewish folklore, King Soloman), it has permeated wisdom literature throughout history and across cultures.

From poets to politicians, these words have been offered to support people in feeling less sad when they are, and, alternatively, less giddy when they are.

Of course, they don’t do much in the moment of highest devastation, and grieving is a necessary process.

They simply remind us that life will and does continue unimpeded by any momentary local infraction of our peace. So, the challenging coworker, the unexpected loss, the forced new direction…all can and will ultimately be forgotten.

Take action to right the wrongs, sure. Grab those bootstraps and lift ourselves up, you bet. Lend a helping hand, absolutely.

Somehow, after the necessary tears, remembering we still have a future to build upon the ashes portends better times.

Weirdly enough, research into wildfires shows that the extreme heat causes enormous amounts of seeds to fall, covering the forest floor. In time, a new forest grows upon the nutritous ash. Fire is a natural part of forest regeneration, and forest trees need to be exposed to fire every 50-100 years to invigorate new growth.

Making light of no particular tragedy, yet perhaps a metaphor for life?

I’m making The Back Forty Re-NEW-ALL Program below FREE for those who have been affected by any recent storm, firestorm or personal tragedy. It’s all about taking a pro-active stance, in the face of devastation, to point ourselves toward our next and best life to come. Please forward this to those it can support, and have them simply reply email me with their situation.

Got new growth?

“All in good time, my pretty. All in good time.” –Wicked Witch of the West

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Darrell Gurney

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