July 10, 2019 – JOLT – Problems deserve a little joy out

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“We don’t remember the days. We remember the moments.” – Cesare Pavese

The thrust of each day…

is solving problems. We solve them for our customers, for our families, our community, etc.

One of the reasons companies prize college grads and MBAs is their demonstrated ability to solve problems.

We elect our leaders based on their seeming and/or demonstrated abilities to address and solve problems.

No doubt, there’s big business, big politics and the biggest focus of life in solving problems.

So, it’s easy to start and conduct each day with a focus on the problems to be solved before us. Such is life, and many of us even enjoy it: they get our juices flowing!

Yet, somewhere in the midst, there’s this novel idea of living a happy and joyous life.

The problems, the solving of them, and the elimination of them may give us a rush of accomplishment (aka, “joy”)…but what about joy independent of problems?

Look, we all need to pay the bills (another problem) and, therefore, the constant addressing of problems will always be with us.

But can we do so on top of a resident way of joyful being? Or can we, at least, every few hours of every day, take a “Joy Out” to remember the happy place we’re truly playing for? And can we do that without substances?

How can you give yourself a natural Joy Out today, in the midst of those juicy problems you have your hands so deep into?

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Got joy outing?

“There’s a treasure hidden in every moment. The joy of life is finding it!” – Katrina Mayer

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Darrell Gurney

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