December 18, 2019 – JOLT – When you spread a bruise among a TEAM…you don’t even feel it

“A bruise is a lesson…and each lesson makes us better. – George R.R. Martin

As we continue to look forward…

to the most ritualistic time of the year for becoming the new and improved version of ourselves – making New Year’s goals, intentions, resolutions, etc. – we want to remember what we are also committing to: bruises.

If you want to grow, then there is an unstated commitment you also make to…
-falling on your face
-building scar tissue
-a bruised ego
-over-stretched capacities
-mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges

The game of becoming the next-best version of ourselves ain’t for sissies. There’s real bumps, trip ups, knock downs, and even tears that come with the territory.

So, in deciding whether to play BIG or stay the same in the coming new year/decade/era of your life, it pays to go in eyes-wide-open.

A good Big Game plan would involve not only a coach — to help you see the game from another perspective, your strategic assets, your blind spots, etc. — but also medics on the sidelines — to remedy and treat the unavoidable bruises that will come from playing.

So, before the Big Game begins (should you choose to play one) in only a couple short weeks, start to consider…

1) Who will be my coach, and a team to play with, in moving by best-self goals forward inside a 2020 perfect vision?

2) Where will I set up my medics on the sidelines, and who will I turn to for support when my various parts of Self get bruised?

It’s an often overused acronym, but it bears reminding that Together Everyone Achieve’s More.

Find your 2020 TEAM.

I’ve been running local mastermind groups full of folks producing amazing results…and plan to offer the same opportunities virtually in 2020. If you’d like more information, simply respond to this email expressing your interest. We’ll chat personally to assess your 2020 vision and TEAM readiness.

And, if you’d like to explore the impact of a coach on your sidelines as you look to play bigger and better, schedule a session here. Even the pros — especially the pros — have a coach in their Big Game.

Got bruise readiness?

“It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell.” – Richard Sibbes

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