January 22, 2019 – JOLT – Check your bottle at the door?

“New weapons require new tactics. Never put old wine into new bottles.” – Heinz Guderian

For another few weeks, probably,

we will all continue to hear references to starting the New Year in a new way.

I’ll likely wind down my own references to it soon, and then, as mentioned in a JOLT two weeks ago, we’re back to the fact that we’re ALWAYS in the midst of change and improvement ALL the time…not just at the flip of a calendar page.

As that change is taking place continually, the scriptural reference to putting new wine in old bottles could not be more relevant and worthy of consideration.

Did you put your New Year goals and intentions inside of an old you, with the same beliefs and ways of operating as you had last year?

If so, consider this a wake up call…before all that luscious new wine of hopes and dreams ends up all over the floor.

An old you can’t hold or ferment a new result.

So, as those new goals start pressing against the walls of the old you bottle, know that the goals are not the challenge…but the re-bottling of you may be.

For this year, rather than cast aside your intentions when they seem to be going nowhere, look instead to where and how you can design a new bottle in which to let them brew.

And, even if old the bottles must break at times, an ongoing commitment to re-bottling will mean that at least some new wine will be created in this New Year of New You.

Want to do a bottle check at the door of 2020? For a new vintage review of your career or business goals, schedule a session here. You’ll move forward faster with a committed listener (and master bottler) involved.

Got re-bottling efforts?

“It is an age of stir and change, a season of new wine and old bottles. Yet, assuredly, in spite of breakages and waste, a wine worth the drinking is all the time being made.” – John Galsworthy

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Darrell Gurney

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