High Watching This Whole Thing Play Out

“You never know when today could be your breakthrough day & life changes forever!! Expect miracles!”

It requires little effort…

to consider that today will be simply an extension of yesterday.

In challenging times for sure, when everyone is hypnotized by the same group reality, staying out of the agreed-upon muck requires extraordinary, inner initiative.

Yes, there are a whole lot of very sad stories being played out right now, and each one deserves its rightful compassion and condolences.

Yet, if someone isn’t minding to keep the ship afloat mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, we all go down together.

There’s got to be those holding the high-watch for some light in this.

Though we each have a version of our style being cramped by the world health situation, we need the strength of those who will lean toward the light and possibility of it all…and will keep focused on the prospects of a breakthrough.

Not just in a vaccine. Not just in folks getting back to work. But a breakthrough in humanity.

Just as we’ve been told to wear a face mask to protect others, as if we have the virus and don’t want to spread it, what if we each assume that we are either going to be spreading the “high-watch” of hope, possibility and togetherness…or the “low-watch” of chaos, fear and divisiveness.

That’s a good community-spread question to answer.

Some of us need to be watching for miracles…if only to balance out those who are stuck in the madness.

Will you assume the high-watch for a breakthrough today, in your own piece of the bigger picture?

If I can support the high-watch around your career, business or personal life, schedule a session here. If this whole situation has been done for you and not to you, what might be the blessings out of it? Let’s investigate together.

Got high watchfulness?

“Our vibration in any given moment gives rise to our experience, and affects those close to us and ultimately the entire world.”
-Sherry Woodcock

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Darrell Gurney

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