No-Cost Quality Control… in Creative Times

“Endurance is patience concentrated.”
-Thomas Carlyle

Patience is a great quality to cultivate…

and, yet, as most qualities, only gets developed when it’s most not present.

You don’t bring anything into being that already exists…and you can’t bring something into existence without creating it from nothing.

These very interesting times are giving us a great opportunity for the creativity of patience and endurance, as well as many other qualities. And, this “gymnasium” can give us muscles and abilities that can last far beyond the immediate. That’s the ultimate “quality control.”

If you persist, even beyond where you have thus far, in thinking beyond any victimhood to this pandemic to, instead, exercising a (perhaps rarely used) muscle of creating [patience, endurance, opportunity-mindedness, compassion, self-care, connectedness, you name it], what could you walk away with in a few months time?

You’re in control of the qualities you cultivate in these times. What will you create in your quality control?

I’m including last week’s interview below, as many folks said it was helpful…in case you missed it.

Also, today my HR-executive wife and I continue to make ourselves available for a weekly, 30-minute zoom meeting to help address your questions or concerns as career professionals or business leaders moving forward through these interesting times.

There you go: “contribution”…a quality we’re choosing to create more of in this pandemic gym.

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In a recent drive-time interview with the CBS affiliate here in LA, KNX NewsRadio, I offered a sobering thought on the next generation of behavioral interview questions that will arise out of this pandemic: “What did you do during the pandemic, [Careerist]?”

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Got quality control?

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

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