August 19, 2020 – JOLT – Is That You In Front of That Zoom Butt?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

OK, zoom butt is getting stiff…

but, if there was ever a time to welcome it, the time is now.

I spoke recently for a zoom meeting of entrepreneurs and business owners about the obvious challenges we are all facing in this new world of virtual (almost) everything.

What I proposed to them is somewhat of a contrarian thought…but that’s how I roll.

I say that we have blessings and opportunities brought about by these times that we would have missed otherwise. One of them is the opportunity to actually get closer than we ever have!

Now, how do you define close?
 Is it the body’s proximity to another body?
 Is it truly knowing someone and their story?
 Is it a feeling of caring for them and their well-being?
 Or, is it something beyond a feeling of caring, a real commitment to their success?

Speaking for myself, I think it was easy in the pre-Covid days for people to make an honest attempt and appearance of wanting to support others. But, the busy-ness of life always seemed to get in the way of really making a difference for one another.

Then, a lot of our busy-ness got taken away.

So, I think in these times when it’s not simply a given that you’ll be physically around others – but you really have to make the effort to connect – there’s an opportunity to go deeper and climb inside one another’s lives even MORE.

What if all of this, in some weird way, was the Universe’s challenge to get us REALLY closer?

I believe that a way to get truly closer and stay motivated daily in these challenging times is to really get in bed with each other. That sounds fun right?

But, I mean REALLY in bed with one another! Pick a few select folks, and get in bed with…
 Their business, how it’s doing, where it’s going
 Their life, the challenges they are facing outside of business
 Their dreams and aspirations
 Their blocks, fears and even psychological challenges that get in the way of their success

In times like these, more than ever, I recommend the power of a Mastermind & Accountability Group.

The the power of coming together with your peers in a committed way has benefits we all need right now that simple surface relationships don’t provide.

To give you a sense of what Mastermind Groups make possible, check out “The Top 7 Benefits of a Mastermind Group.”

As you read, consider whether this kind of closeness could support you in these Covid times.

If you’re going to get zoom butt anyway, why not make it pay off for you and your business?

Need help in planning for your post-pandemic career, business or personal life? Schedule a session here. Crazy as it sounds, what if there’s actually forward movement possible for you out of all this? You likely won’t discern that on your own. I’m here to help you see what you don’t.

Got zoom butt payoff?

“People are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95 percent when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.”
-American Society of Training and Development

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