October 14, 2020 – JOLT – Gaming the Flow

“You cannot see the way out of a challenge if you are looking at it every day from the same level of mind, emotions, thoughts and feelings of the past.”
-Dr. Joe Dispenza

Even when the energy toward seductive…

boredom, resignation, “I’ve had enough”-ness, and no possiblity pulls, it’s our job to pull back.

A recent talk I attended served to remind me of the existential fact that everything brings with it its exact opposite and there will always be the ebb and flow in life. You can’t outthink, outrun or control the ultimate ebb and flow.

The good news of that is — without being Pollyanna — if things pretty much suck right now, there will be a flow in the days ahead. The danger is getting caught in the sucky feelings of the ebb and staying there until a flow proves itself. That’s reactive living.

Whether you believe in the idea that your thoughts and feelings create and attract your reality or not, if you’re entertaining sucky ones right now, you can choose to alter that proactively and feel better . . . if only for today.

Out of what might be a formless morass of covid/political/racial/economic/whatever muck you’re facing, pick a game to play today — if only for today — to steer your feelings in the direction of possibility.

Will it be the gratitude game?
Will it be the take-one-baby-step-toward-your-dream game?
Will it be the nurture your health and well-being game?
Will it be the uplift a friend game?

Philosophically, the basis of game theory is the completely manufactured designation of one thing as being more important than another, one result better than another. Your feelings results for today (this week, the rest of 2020 and beyond) are something you can influence.

Create your personal daily game, motivation, or inspiration. Don’t wait until better feelings are “warranted.” Put out a warrant for their arrest now simply because you want them!

And, whether or not  your personal game turns the external world’s ebb toward flow, it can have being over there where you are in your life feel a helluva lot better.

What game will you play, if only for today?

Need help in planning for your current or post-pandemic career, business or personal life? Schedule a session here. Crazy as it sounds, what if there’s actually forward movement possible for you out of all this? You likely won’t discern that on your own. I’m here to help you see what you don’t. Let’s play a big game to impact your results ahead.

Got game flow mastery?

“Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.”
-Steve Jobs

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Darrell Gurney

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