January 5, 2022 – JOLT – Scientific research impacting the quality of your 2022

“Decide what it is you want, write it down, review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you toward those goals.”

Jack Canfield


Trust and abiding by science has been challenging

in recent times, and I have not been as “woke” about it myself in some ways.

And yet here’s a big scientific revelation: the degree to which the good intentions and goals you and I have mused upon coming into this new year — the changes we want to make, the dreams we want to fulfill — will be directly related to what we do with those goals.

You’ve likely heard of the Harvard study where folks were followed for decades and those with written goals were so much richer? Well, Dr. Gail Matthews Dominican University discovered that study was an urban myth. . .but in conducting her own, she proved that not only writing out your goals but actually taking action, communicating them to others, and being held accountable for them is where the real riches lie.

OK, you’ve likely heard this before, but maybe it will stick with you this time, as it did with me last night when presented with the science:
How it worked:

Participants in Group 1: were asked to think about their goals (what they wanted to accomplish over the next 4 weeks) and then asked to rate that goal acccording to difficulty, importance, the extent to which they had the skills and resources to accomplish the goal, their commitment and motivation to the goal, whether or not they had pursued this goal before and if so their prior success.

Participants in Groups 2-5: were asked to write (type into an online survey) their goals and then to rate their goals according to those same dimensions.

Group 3: was asked to formulate action commitments based on those goals.

Group 4: was asked to formulate action commitments and send their goals and action commitments to a friend.

Group 5: was asked to formulate action commitments and send their goals, action commitments and weekly progress reports to a friend. This group also received weekly reminders to email quick progress reports to their friend.

At the end of 4 weeks participants were asked to rate their progress and the degree to which they had accomplished their goals

In a nutshell: This study provides empirical evidence for the effectiveness of three coaching tools: accountability, commitment and writing down one’s goals.

Our best wishes on a goal-fulfilling New Year of great accomplishment by you in 2022. And remember: you’ve got a friend.

Think differently, play better.


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Got an ear for science and a goal for fulfillment?

“A goal that is not written is not a goal. It only becomes real when you write it down.” [and do sooooooo much more]

Bryant McGill

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