December 7, 2023 – JOLT – It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Becoming

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

Germany Kent


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like New Becoming

Did you miss my last “I’M BAAAAACK!” JOLT Notes from the last several weeks? See PART I through Part VI HERE and, if they speak to you, this next installment should be made to order. Thanks for your interest in “Becoming”.

Becoming in 2023

As we come to the close of 2022, isn’t it great that the calendar gives us yet another (made-up ritual) opportunity to go at it again?

It’s just a switch from one day to the next – Dec 31 to Jan 1 – but the value of what’s possible in terms of hopes and dreams being awoken and rekindled: limitless!

To dream a new dream, to set a new goal, to clean the slate on any judgments of how well we performed in our previous 12 months – as we intended and strove for greater joy, freedom and Self-expression in our lives – and to now “Become” all over again? Priceless!

In that regard, I’ve been sharing with you recently some of my own experiences in “Becoming” this past year, both precipitated and elongated by the publishing of my newest book, The Back Forty: 7 Essential Embraces to Launch Life’s Radical Second Half (see this series of posts beginning Oct 12 if you missed any).

And, as my wife and I engage in an annual process of reviewing our past year, acknowledging our wins, challenges, accomplishments and “growth opportunities,” I get even more clear that any “Becoming” I accomplished last year – meaning showing up more as who I came here to be and getting more aligned with what I came here to do – didn’t happen solo but with fellow “Becomers.”

Interesting that the word “comer” refers to someone who arrives somewhere or is likely to succeed. I’m committed to supporting “Becomers” – those who succeed through constant arriving at the next and next and next level of their goals and dreams – inside of a small, private team in 2023. It’s called The Back Forty Play Project. Would you like to be a part of that team?

Gift Giving (Already) for The Year Ahead

Here are some holiday gifts and opportunities for you to get a sense of what’s possible from participating with us. And, if you haven’t had personal time with me yet, here’s a chance to feel me out and see if I’m the coach for you to “Become” with in 2023!

1. Download a free copy of the newly revised Top Ten Tips for Life’s Radical Second Half.
Want to get a sense of what is possible in your life, career, goals and dreams at midlife and beyond? These 10 tips will support you. PLUS, you’ll get to find out all about The Back Forty Play Project.

2. Join my wife, Alexandra, and me next Tuesday evening at 5pm PST/8pm EST for a 1-hour walkthrough of our annual “Year Wrap and Year Creation” process.Too often, we either slide past this annual ritual without the attention for re-creation that it deserves or else we slap pipe-dream fixes onto our lives that won’t hold water come Jan. 2. Join us as we share our very own and very real process that we’re even now going through to clean the 2022 slate so as to have only new and vibrant energy surrounding 2023. NOTE: This will be a small, private group on zoom, so reply back personally to get all the details.

3. Cut straight to the chase on some personal one-on-one time with me by scheduling a PlayGame Huddle to explore together and discover what your “game” for 2023 could be. Whether it’s that career change you’ve been contemplating, that book or business still on the drawing board, or the multitude of health, financial, relationship or other goals that matter most to you now, it’s all fair “game” material.

Grab a copy of my new book (even an inexpensive eBook copy), recently recognized as a finalist in two categories by the American Book Fest Book Awards, and schedule a complimentary 25min opportunity to discover your game worth playing next year.

Our Best Wishes for Your Becoming Spirit this Holiday Season.

Think differently, play better.


CareerGuy and Back Forty Freedom Flier

Again, if you missed any of PART I through PART VI of my recent “Becoming” series, see them HERE beginning Oct 12.

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

– Jonathan Huie

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